History (cont'd)

A Steering Committee was formed in 1960 to investigate how the Church could be enlarged to accommodate the growing congregation, which, at that time, was holding two services on Sunday. The Committee recommended the building of a new Church, the present building as a Sunday School. The congregation approved the recommendation. A Building Committee was formed with Fred Malloy as General Chairman and Mervin Cairns as Chairman of the Plans and Construction Committee. A very busy two years planning the new building and raising the necessary money followed. Construction began in May 1962. (Click on picture to enlarge)

012-Picture of proposed new church on blueprints.JPG (28391 bytes)  013-Sod Turning-Rev. Millroy, Reporter, Rev. Derek Allen.JPG (25673 bytes)  014-Sod Turning 1962-Rev. Bruce Miles & Rev. Derek Allen.JPG (24113 bytes)  015-Sod Turning-Merv Cairns (Chairman of Plans & Construction Committee) presenting shovel to Mr. Weir (senior elder), Rev. Derek Allen.JPG (27184 bytes)  016-Sod Turning-Mr. George Weir.JPG (54834 bytes)  017-Sod Turning-Herb Cole (Architect), Merv Cairns, Rev. Derek Allen, Fred Malloy (General Chairman), George Weir.JPG (51602 bytes)  018-Mayor Christine Thomas.JPG (26473 bytes)  019-Sod Turning Event.JPG (56767 bytes)  020-Rev. Derek Allen speaking to Mike Starr (MP), Rev. Forbes (right).JPG (36826 bytes)  021-Sod Turning Event.JPG (41132 bytes)  022-Foundation (looking north)-Harold Walton, Brenda, Cheryl & Sandra Cairns, Alex Nathan.JPG (29176 bytes) 

023-North end of new basement.JPG (27805 bytes)  024-South end of new basement (against original church).JPG (50160 bytes)  025-North brick wall.JPG (28745 bytes)  026-Foundation main floor-choir area.JPG (29276 bytes)  027-First trusses being hoisted into position.JPG (54636 bytes)  028-Beginning of front entrance.JPG (58648 bytes)  029-Main front entrance and completed trusses.JPG (51580 bytes)  030-Inside frame looking towards choir loft.JPG (39351 bytes)  031-Front facing Wilson Road-south window frame.JPG (44052 bytes)  032-Front entrance & south window of new structure.JPG (54492 bytes)  033-Frame-facing Wilson Road.JPG (45415 bytes)  034-Preparation of new windows in original church.JPG (32379 bytes) 

035-Side_view_of_original_church_with_new_windows_small.JPG (334283 bytes)   036-Back of Sanctuary.JPG (14939 bytes)  037-Back window in Sanctuary.JPG (13961 bytes)  038-Ceiling in Sanctuary.JPG (27997 bytes)  039-Steeple on ground.JPG (23995 bytes)  040-New kitchen.JPG (13928 bytes)  041-New kitchen.JPG (17489 bytes)  042-New kitchen.JPG (16079 bytes)  043-Basement (kitchen door straight ahead).JPG (13432 bytes)  044-Basement Hall.JPG (11459 bytes)  045-Original church with new kitchenette & office.JPG (21033 bytes)  

046-Narthex.JPG (18362 bytes)  047-New Sanctuary.JPG (21497 bytes)  048-New Sanctuary-cross donated by Building Committee.JPG (16945 bytes)  049-New Sanctuary.JPG (16219 bytes)  050-Outside (not quite finished).JPG (26762 bytes)