Who We Are

St. Paulís is a vibrant, friendly church that had itís beginning in the 1950ís. A group of Presbyterians with a vision built the original building. By the 1960ís, the sanctuary and the church school were overflowing and plans were made to build the present sanctuary and church hall, which we use today for our worship and many midweek activities.

St. Paulís is working to ensure that the church has something to say to our changing and challenging world. 

We are all feeling the stresses of modern life. Many are seeking a place where they can be accepted for themselves, no matter their life circumstances. We are working at making St. Paulís such a place. 

St. Paulís offers spiritual worship each Sunday which ties the Bible to our daily life. Our service includes old favourites and modern Christian music. 

We actively support the needs of our community through Gate 3:16, the Settlement House Food Bank and gifts to other community agencies.

ďA Thinking Church with a Tender HeartĒ 

Presbyterians place a strong focus on being biblically based, and on encouraging each individual to grow in their relationship with God through participation in the family of Christ, his church.