St. Paul's History


St. Paul's Church had its beginning as a Mission Outreach project of Knox Presbyterian Church. The Session of Knox Church appointed an Extension Committee on February 3, 1947 with a view to seeking locations where new work could be started in the Oshawa area. This action was prompted by a report from the Building Committee of Knox Church advising the congregation that the proposed extension of the present building was not feasible due to the cost of building material. The report suggested that it would be in the best interest of The Presbyterian Church in Canada to build, if Sunday Schools were opened in some of the new housing developments.

In May of 1947, the Session of Knox Church saw the need to establish a Sunday School and Church in one of the new areas of growth in Oshawa. Under the Chairmanship of the late Archie Dancey, it was decided to build in the area of Wilson Road and King Street East. Permission to proceed was granted by the Board of World Missions under whose supervision and financial support a suitable building was to be erected. The lot where the Church is now situated was bought in April 1948 for $1,615.00 and a building permit was issued in 1949 to erect a building to serve as a Sunday School and Church. Financing in the amount of $12,000.00 was obtained from The Presbyterian Church in Canada. The men of Knox would provide the labour, augmented by men living in the area, to construct the new building. The building was closed in by the winter of 1949.

In April of 1950 the Presbytery declared that the new congregation be known as St. Paul's and in May the cornerstone was officially laid. (Click on picture to enlarge)



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