History (cont'd)


The Cornerstone was laid on October 14, 1962. The building was completed at a cost of $135,000.00 and the new St. Paul's Church was dedicated on March 31, 1963. (Click on picture to enlarge)

051-Cornerstone-Mrs. Black (seated), Mrs. Black's nephew, Rev. Forbes, __, Rev. Millroy, Rev. Scott, Rev. Sinclair, Rev. Jim McClure (2nd from right), Ian Chalmers (Clerk of Session).JPG (45267 bytes)  052-Cornerstone Ceremony.JPG (26696 bytes)  054-St. Paul's-winter 1962 (before official opening).JPG (18085 bytes)  055-Dedication Service-March 31, 1963).JPG (23337 bytes)